The BrakeVine – Operations newsletter

Who: Brakes UK, Operations

What: Monthly newsletter aimed at Operations colleagues – with little time on their hands and keen to get their (non-desk-based) job done

Why: To help Operations colleagues stay up-to-date with the business, reinforce a “one-team” attitude and inclusive company culture.  Share news & project updates; celebrate success

How:  Kept deliberately succinct with bite-sized information and accessible language so can be read at a glance.  Worked with designers to create a clean layout that would work in black & white (the only printing available at some locations).  Making sure each item is of  interest to Operations colleagues & highlights specific relevance to them.

Section titles are broad to allow flexibility with content.


The BrakeVine (December 2015)

The BrakeVine p1 (December 2015)

Versatile space is essential for keeping the newsletter brief while ensuring any topic may be included without disrupting the overall style.  Providing a clear brief to the agency which designs the layout and puts the final PDF together each month is essential.

The BrakeVine p2

The BrakeVine p2 (December 2015)


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