What’s the story?

I’m a wordsmith and copywriter. From starting to speak at 8 months old, I haven’t stopped telling stories since – I’m a storyteller in everything I do.

From big ideas to little words, creative partnerships and inspiring campaigns, I want it all.

Wherever there are words, I’ll be there.  My work covers emails, articles, websites, apps, one-liners, many-liners, newsletters, video scripts and print ads.  I live and breathe the nuances between synonyms, saying the right words at the right time.

I’ve worked for magazines, media companies, consumer brands and tech start-ups.  I love to work on brand identity, shaping the story and defining tone of voice.

I am a lover of theatre, literature, dance, hot sun, lazy Sundays.

I am a consummate people-watcher, eternally curious.

Extraordinary and beautiful things happen right before our eyes every day.  How, when, where, why do we tell those stories?

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