The Best (and Worst) Spotify Playlists for Revision


What: Humorous article to feature on their site blog and be shared across social media

WhyTo drive engagement with the brand, and reinforce Smart-Pig as a brand that completely gets student life

How: Tongue-in-cheek look at Spotify playlists, which students will be using (and most likely using to procrastinate) when revising for their end of year exams.  It does also contain some genuinely useful suggestions about different forms of background noise for an optimum revision environment.

Best/Worst Spotify playlists delights in being bluntly honest about the realities of student living.  This sentiment is exemplified here.

The Smart-Pig tone of voice is informal and humorous whilst maintaining authority.  It speaks from a position of experience while acknowledging the realities of being a student and does not seek to chide or criticise, but to offer practical (if sometimes tongue-in-cheek) advice.  Go to article

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