Who: Saatchi & Saatchi graduate scheme application, The Door

What: 1-minute video

Why:  To convince the viewer of my eligibility

How:  Drawing on the company’s mission statement that “Nothing is impossible”, highlighting how many things historically considered impossible have since been achieved

The full brief was as follows:

‘The bouncer says you’re not coming in through The Door.  He says it’s impossible.  Create a 1-minute film to convince him otherwise.  Upload it to YouTube and send us the link.’

Based on the Saatchi & Saatchi slogan being ‘Nothing is Impossible’, I conceived a story around the word ‘impossible’ that looks at achievements throughout human history that were once considered so, but have since been accomplished.  The full video can be seen below, and is a combination of myself talking intercut with relevant images, speeding up gradually to communicate the increasing number of so-called ‘impossible’ things humanity has done.

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