OlympicMania! (or is it?)

WELL the London Olympics are finally upon us, and despite encountering several cynics and regular grumps at the pub, there appears to be universal surprise and wonder that actually London isn’t anywhere near as jammed as everybody expected it to be, nor have all the stadiums been full despite many struggling to get tickets.

However, for some lucky few there have been outside events that you can participate in without needing tickets – yes, that is me somewhere in this picture, watching the men’s cycle race go through my home town of Esher over the weekend.

Stuff all the grumps – this will only ever happen once in a lifetime, so I’m sure we can all live with the few days of disruption!


As a huge gymnastics fan, I must also mention our fantastic Men’s Team who achieved our first team medal in about a hundred years – the possibility of silver tantalisingly dangled in front of us, before we settled in the bronze position.  Take a good look at the Japanese team after they won silver on appeal – their faces tell the whole story…


Irish Magic

I would like to draw your attention also to my friend Kieran Behan, whose name some of you may have seen cropping up in the media a few times this year.    He made the Olympics as an individual gymnast representing Ireland – a huge achievement for both him and Irish gymnastics.  I can proudly claim to know him through our local gymnastics club at Tolworth, where he currently trains when in the UK, and as my friends and I know (and as many journalists have written), his story is an incredible tale of struggle against multiple, frequent injury and some really crappy bad luck.

Kieran competed in the Men’s All-Around competition on Saturday, and gave a great performance, continuing to raise the profile of gymnastics in Ireland and showing everybody that injury doesn’t have to hold you back.  It’s the beginning to what we hope will be a fantastic Olympic career – we’re all looking forward to seeing more of him, even if (personally) it’s just so I can point at the TV and scream/giggle/draw attention to.

He’s got his own Wikipedia page.  ‘Nuff said.



Grammar Pedantics – Knowing the difference between your shit and you’re shit…

Always a bit of time for poor grammar!  I realise this is not an original line, but it is one that perfectly illustrates the importance of being correct.  I know it isn’t always top priority, but actually it can make a difference to meaning.  And I’ve seen far too many errors on the your/you’re front recently to let it go without comment…


So:  YOUR is for possession, e.g. ‘your house’, ‘your body’.

YOU’RE is an abbreviation (read my previous post on apostrophes!) of YOU ARE, and means exactly that and nothing else.  If you aren’t sure about which one to use in a sentence, try it with ‘you are’ and if it doesn’t make sense, then you probably need to use ‘your’.  If you do mean ‘you are’, then it’s ‘you’re’.

E.g. ‘You’re out of your mind’.


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